What is life? Is it really a dream? Maybe it’d be easier to comprehend if it was. Dreams don’t go for this long and if was can wake and shake if needed ... feedback?



As a creative mind, I often struggle to get all these thoughts in a row. It's more like verbal or mental vomit. How can I express what I do not understand? Or I understand on such a deep level what it is that iam trying to express - to the point that everything becomes such... Continue Reading →


True love is shapeless.  It's the beauty in a child's giggle, the glimmer in your eye whilst speaking passionately, your inner calm allowing restful sleep.  Love can be blinding. It can intercept rational thought and stop time. This is defined and shaped.  Identifying and understanding shapeless love comes from within.  Without you - there is... Continue Reading →


There is something immensely beautiful in a sick day Curled up in warm blankets with complete disregard for the outside world. Feeling at peace in the stillness, floating on my mattress. Hearing only crickets singing the songs of natures harmony.  Absolute gratitude for my bodies ability to heal itself of negative manifestations. Letting go.  A new... Continue Reading →

Lessons around Town

To the random white haired man who approached me in the supermarket tonight, whilst I was child free. I hope you learnt something.  A screaming infant and Mum were clearly having a hard time. The man approached me to whinge about how "some one should make the kid be quiet."  It looked like the wind had... Continue Reading →

Some days are tougher than others

When the energy is shifting I stumble around blind, so do the kids. At the moment we seem to be on a roller coaster.  Yesterday was blissful, today was not so kind.  Yesterday we lived and played in the space of love. We had a really beautiful day led by our souls, no plans, just... Continue Reading →

Life happens! 

1st March 2017  Our days are made up of moments and often they seem insignificant. Every moment is all we have and need to be embraced by remaining present. This applies to every aspect of of life. Because at any given moment change can be born. Will you be ready for it?  Every now and... Continue Reading →

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